Helping SMEs Succeed Using Technology

We help B2B, B2C & SMEs to grow using technology to build solutions that solve their problems, improve productivity and customer relation.

Services we can help you with

Web Development

We build powerful and market-optimized frontend, backend and full stack web applications.

Mobile App Development

We are skilled in mobile application development, from pure native to cross-platform, as well as Android and iOS mobile applications.

Custom Software Development

We follow the best software development practices to design, build and launch modern custom softwares that solve the problems of African businesses.

Enterprise Software Development

Our enterprise software development service is tailor to improve your customer relations and increase productivity.

WordPress Development

We also specialize in WordPress design, developement and maintenance.

UI/UX Design

We bring awesome UI/UX design services from research to prototypes.

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Our Project WorkFlow

Research & Discovery

We start our project development with a thorough market research, to discover what the market needs and to gather the necessary requirements to start the project.

Product Design (UI/UX)

After the research and discovery stage, we proceed to the product design (UI/UX design) stage using the information we gathered in the first stage.


We continue with the product implementation stage after the product UI/UX design stage.


The optimization stage allows us improve the project. After we have implemented the project, we take our time to optimize the project.

Quality Assurance

The QA or Quality Assurance stage allows us thoroughly test the project to be sure it meets client’s requirements as well as the best software engineering practices or coding standards.

Deployment & Monitoring

After it passes the Quality Assurance test, we go ahead and deploy the project. We don’t stop here, we continue to monitor the project.